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!!We are now open and will be roasting a limited number of coffees. Orders placed before 12pm CST will be filled and shipped the same day. All coffee is sold as whole beans unless you specify in the notes during checkout that you need them ground!!


Coffee NameBodyAcidityPreferred Roast Style 
Fresh Start Sampler Pack (4oz of each of our blends)  
Fresh Start House Blend Medium Balanced Medium  
Bright Eyes Blend Medium Bright/Citrus Light  
Bittersweet Symphony (Blend) Medium Subtle Dark  
Nicaragua Farm Los Papales, Caturra Medium-Full Citrus Full City  
Tanzania Peaberry - Livingstone Medium Mild Medium  
Burundi Kayanza, Gatare, Lot 3 Full Dry Full City  
Java Estate, Jampit Medium Mild Dark  
Guatemala SHB San Antonio Huista Medium Rich Medium  
Brazil Serra Negra Decaf MWP Medium Mild Medium  
Mexico Altura Chiapas Santa Teresa Light Clean Medium  
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Medium Mild Medium  
Irish Cream (Baileys) Medium Mild Medium